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Mobile Notary Services for GENERAL NOTARIZATION 

Mobile Notary Services for General Documents

Getting your general documents notarized by an experienced notary agent protects the documents and their purpose.
However, getting this done by a walk in the agent is incredibly exhausting today. This is where Official Houston Mobile Notary Service comes in to make document notarization hands down a cinch! Now you can keep all of your documents, matters and transaction confidential without even lifting a finger. Following are some of the general documents smart Americans trust us for:
 DMV Documents, Mechanic Liens, Towing Forms

Mobile Notary Services for Auto


Mobile Notary Services for Auto


Identify theft and credit fraud takes an astounding toll on U.S. businesses and consumers alike, costing the nation over $50 billion a year. The two crimes are of especial concern to auto dealerships and auto lenders; fraudulent acquisition of an automobile provides criminals with a valuable, and a very mobile and easily-relocated, prize where it's simple to switch out license plates and disappear in traffic. A fraudulent transaction could prove costly for a 

dealership when a vehicle drives off the lot without so much as a down payment. Fraudulent identification documents and contracts for financing are common tools for identity thieves, especially during off-site contract signings. Auto notary services reduce the risk of fraud and speed up the loan process, so you spend less time verifying customer identities for a credit check and more time on the floor securing new clients.

Month's End


Month's End Auto Signing Services

Month’s end is traditionally a busy time for auto dealerships.


He average dealer is eager to make sales and meet their monthly quotas on new and used inventory, and consumers hope to take advantage of this to negotiate better deals on a car. Every minute a sales representative is off the floor dealing with applications for loans and dealing with paperwork for title transfers or registration cuts into the chance of making another vehicle sale. Our nationwide network of affiliates can provide auto signing services for month’s end, year-end or any other busy time of year.

Mobile Notaries & Traveling

Mobile Notary Services for Adoption Forms

Mobile Notary Services for Adoption Documents

Minor Travel Consent Form

Minor Travel Consent Form


The Minor Travel Consent Form has become increasing necessary because of the rise in instances of child abduction in custody cases, and a growing number of children who are the victims of trafficking.


An immigration officer, airline, or travel company may ask for a letter of consent if the child is traveling internationally with only one parent or with another adult, such as a relative, friend, teacher, etc.

1.) You must provide the documents as we do not prepare or provide forms/letters/affidavits.

2.) The unattended parent must be in the presence of the notary, with a valid I.D.

(This Is Not Legal Advice)

Notary for Adoption Forms

Adoption is a heartfelt commitment but it is wrapped inside overwhelming layers of documents, papers & stringent requirements that make adoption challenging for prospective parents. Therefore this monumental undertaking (whether local or international) requires strong notary skills & there is zero tolerance for mistakes as a single notary error can delay the process or even result in denial! In these type of cases, make a wise choice & consider Official Houston Notary exceptional mobile notaries at your disposal to help you! Our professionally trained adoption (local & international) notaries have the credential to serve you with the following services & to make the whole process run smoothly.

Notary for Adoption Forms


Tailor Fitted To Your Business

Our network of mobile notaries and signing agents are at your disposal. No more searching all over town for a notary so that you can get your documents out. And when its time to send it, we’ll hand deliver it to FedEx or UPS.


You can sign up for the corporate signing service you need at the amount and frequency you need it.


We didn’t just set the industry standards with our mobile corporate signing services or our no-minimum-order policy — we’ve taken it a step further.


For total convenience, we're a notary signing company that offers notary services after normal business hours and on weekends.


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