The Role of a Notary Signing Agent in Your Home closing.

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Are you about to close a home deal? Then you should be aware of the entire procedure you will pass through in the closing day. Each of the procedure allows you to complete the home buying process legally.

One of the integral parties of the home buying closing process is the notary public, also referred to as the notary signing agent. Before we proceed to discuss the roles of the notary signing agents, let us talk about who they are, what they do and the benefits they provide.

Who is a Notary? IIs he the same as a Signing Agent?

Notaries are impartial witnesses that are required by law to be present during the signing of important documents, like your home closing document. The National Notary Association (NNA) states that notaries are government-appointed personnel who are required to be present during the signing of important document. Part of their role is to ensure that none of the signatories is coerced to enter into an agreement.

The presence of the notary serves to protect the interest of all the parties in the agreement. The notary confirms the identity of all the parties involved before they sign the document. It is typical for notaries to request for a photo identification that contains a signature such as a driver's license or an international passport. The procedure is a precautionary measure to prevent fraud.

When it comes to a home closing, a special type of notary referred to as a notary signing agent (NSA) are required to notarize the document. NSA are specially trained to take care of notarized loan documents. They handle the final procedure that makes the loan document legitimate.

How Does an NSA Work?

The prerogative of an NSA is to protect you by verifying your identity and making sure you understand the agreement you are about to sign. That is why they are present at the closing process. NNS emphasizes that it is crucial that the home buyer signs the document without being under pressure or intimidation. This procedure may involve the homebuyer taking an oath declaring his/her identity and understanding of the fine lines of the document to be signed.

The NSA will ensure that you are aware of the content within the document and willing to sign it. As a vital aspect of the closing process, it is essential that the NSA be neutral, not having sentiments or personal interest in the agreement. Bear in mind that the documents are not considered to be valid without the notarization. Moreover, the state will not admit an unnotarized document into the state records.

What are the advantages of Notarization?

In the above paragraphs, we mentioned that notaries are neutral and unbiased witnesses during an agreement. They confirm the identity of the signatories and ensure that the parties involved understand the content of the document they are about to sign. After that, the notary also takes the responsibility of sending the completed documentation for official recording. Usually, notaries will meet the agreeing parties at the location appointed for signing of the document.

Besides the presence of the notary, some states also demand that the homebuyer presents a witness who shall cosign the mortgage document. Either you or your mortgage lender can contact the Official Houston Mobile Notary once you have scheduled a date and place for the closing. The Official Houston Mobile Notary can also bring along a witness if it is required.

He hopes you are explained the important roles of the notary during a home loan closure. They are there to ensure the closing procedure goes on smoothly, and in line with the state law.

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