Reasons to Notarize

Reasons to Notarize

A notary public is designated by the state as a legal entity to witness the signing of certain documents. Notaries will usually place their seal on the signed document. Bear in mind that not every important document requires notarization. However, the seal of a notary on a document signifies that the identity if the signer has been verified. The procedure may also involve taking an oath to identify or to affirm the truthfulness of the document to be signed.

Notarized Documents.

In technical terms, notaries are supposed to notarize signatures and not documents. Some legal requirements demand the presence of a notary seal on certain types of contracts. According to the American Society of Notaries, deeds, contracts, power of attorney are among the frequently notarized documents,

Notary Authority

A notarized signature has the authority of the state or county of the notary public. Basically, a notary testifies that he witnessed the signing of a document. Therefore, a notarized signature can be used as a reliable witness. The Oath of declaration regarding the content of a document, taken in from of a notary, carries a penalty of perjury If found to be false. Federal courts and some state courts do accept the authority of a notarized signature. Post offices and Banks do provide notary services, and county commissioners, their deputies, and court clerks perform notary functions.

What is a Notarized Signature?

A notarized signature serves as a confirmation that the fact that the person that signed an official paper is not misrepresented. Moreover, the signing of a document in front of a notary affirms that the signer was not under compulsion or duress while signing the document.


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