Why Do You Need A Mobile Notary Public?

Who Is A Notary Public?

The office of the Notary Public is given by appointment, either by the executive or the legislative arm of government. The primary assignment of notary publics is to serve as witnesses during the signing of various legal documents. They neither prepare legal documents nor provide legal advice (in exception of Puerto Rico and Louisiana.) Their job is to confirm the identity of signatories to legal documents. Notaries can also write protests during instances of dud checks as applicable in Louisiana and some other states. In such instances, the notary is also required to certify a copy of the bounced check or promissory note.

The set of professionals that handle documents that need notarization include legal practitioners, lenders, insurance brokers, healthcare providers, among others. Since notary publics cannot be employed by individuals, the next feasible option is to use a mobile notary service.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Notary Public?

It is required by the law that certain transactions and legal documents be notarized. Therefore, you may find yourself in a situation where you need a notary public at some point. But it can be challenging to find a reputable notary public within your time constraint. In such instances, the service of a mobile notary public is what you need to save the day. No matter your location, the mobile notary public will travel to meet you and notarize your document. This means you can save time and money when you use such service. This type of service is often offered by mobile notary signing companies that provide certified notary publics when you need their service.

What Type of Documents Require Notarization?

The following are the classes of documents that require notarization by law.

1. Trusts, Will, and Deeds

These are the documents that transfer the ownership of assets from one person to another. This type of documents are in three categories:

Trust: This refers to assigning money or asset to be used for a predefined purpose.

Will: A document detailing the distribution of the possession of a person after death.

Deeds: A document that affirms the transfer of property.

2. Medical Document

An individual can create a document to request or refuse specific medical treatment in case of incapacitation resulting from illness or injury. This type of document is also referred to as a healthcare declaration or “living will.” Such document must be notarized so that medical practitioners can follow the person’s wishes while offering their service. A document that designates a person to make healthcare decisions on behalf of another must be notarized. Such documents called healthcare proxies empowers a person to take healthcare decision on behalf of a patient who is incapacitated.

3. Power of Attorney

A document that empowers an individual to act on behalf of another person who is absent is called the Power of Attorney. A power of attorney can be universal, limited to certain types of actions, or for a specific time. Whichever may be the case, the document must be notarized to be accepted authorities such as the court of law, banks, corporations.

4. Agreement between parties in Absentia

When parties in different physical locations are going into an agreement, such document must be notarized to become valid. Document does not require notarization by law if all the parties concerned are present must be notarized if the parties are not in the same room. The notary public ensures that the signatories to the document are the same people named in the document.

Besides its requirement by the law, notarizing documents is essential to prevent impersonation, falsifying signatures, and entering into an agreement out of pressure. You can avoid wasting time and money searching for a reliable notary public. The service of a mobile notary signing agent will help you find a certified and insured notary public when you need one.

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Why Do You Need A Mobile Notary Public?


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