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Mobile Notary Services for Mortgage

Mobile Notary Services for Mortgage Documents

Home lenders, title companies and attorneys frequently require notary services but lack the resources or opportunity to add additional notaries as permanent staff. Enter Official Houston Mobile Notary Services, a national mortgage notary service with coverage in Houston and surrounding areas. Official Houston Mobile Notary Services lets you better support the needs of your clients by providing flexible, at-your-service scheduling.

Our signing agents will travel to your clients’ homes and businesses, beyond the confines of normal business hours. With Official Houston Mobile Notary Services, it’s easy to find mortgage notary services for first and second mortgages, signature witnessing, loan closing, powers of attorney, and all real estate needs including those that require escrow agreements.

Mobile Notary Service


Our Mobile Notary Service Offers the Solution

The Official Houston Mobile Notary Services  network of professional notaries works closely with the lender and title company to arrange for a signing location of your choosing , whether it’s at your office, the home or office of your client — or anywhere else.


Eliminate the hassle and worry of finding a notary who is available off-hours and willing to travel to a non-business location when you partner with Official Houston Mobile Notary Services. Official Houston Mobile Notary Services also makes paying for notary services easy. Bill your client for the transaction after we bill you directly — it’s that easy!

Do More with Less

Do More with Less with Superior Notary Services

With Official Houston Mobile Notary Services, you can focus your attention on your clients instead of managing the small but essential detail of locating a notary public.


Hire a notary closer for busy days at the end of the month or hire a professional to visit a special client’s home or business. Find a title company notary with a schedule that’s convenient for you. Get your legal paperwork or estate documents notarized. And because our mobile notaries are covered by E&O policy, you are protected


Convenient Online Order Placement

Our convenient online New Signing Request form allows you to quickly and easily submit all applicable borrower and signing information, and you will receive email confirmation that your request was sent successfully.


Contact us today to learn more about how our mobile notary services can benefit you!

Make Official Houston Mobile Notary Services a Part of Your Team Today

Our mobile notary services for mortgage documents will be a major asset to your business.


You’ll no longer have to waste the significant amount of time it often takes to find a mortgage notary signing agent for signatures, and you won’t need to spend time traveling. Because we can meet with your clients on their schedule, you will increase your business’s level of customer satisfaction, giving you a key competitive edge without the expense of additional staff. Eliminate the hassle and wasted time. With Official Houston Mobile Notary Services on your team, you can do more with less!

Official Houston Mobile Notary Services


Our Mobile Notary Services for Mortgage Documents is
Tailor Fitted To Your Business

Our network of mobile notaries and signing agents are at your disposal. No more searching all over town for a notary so that you can get your documents out. And when its time to send it, we’ll hand deliver it to FedEx or UPS.


You can sign up for the corporate signing service you need at the amount and frequency you need it.


We didn’t just set the industry standards with our mobile corporate signing services or our no-minimum-order policy — we’ve taken it a step further.


For total convenience, we're a notary signing company that offers notary services after normal business hours and on weekends.


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