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Whether you are offering a structured settlement to an accident or disability claim or buying the rights to an annuity that settled one, many affidavits and other documents will need to be filed, and almost all of them will need to be notarized. Large company or small, our structured settlement mobile notary company can do it all. The essence of a settlement, of course, is that the recipient or plaintiff is agreeing to receive a certain sum as consideration for abandoning a claim that conceivably could be worth more. Settlement talks may occur during a personal injury case, which may ensure the lawsuit is settled sooner. There are often good reasons to do so, starting with the fact that it could also conceivably be worth nothing at all if a ruling or decision goes the

wrong way, of course, but for this reason settlements, and the sale of structured settlements, require a judge's approval and certainty as to the person who signed the document waiving the claim or annuity, and agreeing to receive the given sum instead. And so a structured settlement mobile notary provider is generally required for either of these transactions. The documents must be in proper form but the judge who reviews the proposed structured settlement or sale of a structured settlement needs some assurance that the agreement was, in fact, signed by the person whose finances will be affected. A notary signing agent provides this assurance.

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Structured settlements are frequently purchased also, by companies who offer somewhat less than the present value of the ongoing payments as their incentive to offer the deal to their recipient.

The recipient in turn may wish to receive a lump sum for some purpose like a down payment on a house or an automobile, and feel that this use is important enough to agree to receive less money in total in order to meet it.

Here too a binding legal agreement will, if approved by the judge, mean that the seller is giving up his or her rights to the money in exchange for the agreed-upon lump sum, so notarization with a signing agent is generally required on the legal documents to ensure that the agreement is indeed signed by the person with the rights to the annuity. Whatever you need, our network of experienced and qualified notaries will ensure that your documents are signed where they need to be signed and initialed where they need to be initialed and that all of your documents are delivered to a FedEx or UPS location.

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A notary can play an essential role in making sure that the document is credible, if any dispute arises regarding the validity of the signers signature.


Notary public serve an important role, which is to verify the identity of someone who signs an agreement and attesting to that person’s signature.  If a person contests the trust, and argues that the document was invalid, coerced or for any other reason, notarization can prove that the person signing the document was competent, able, and voluntarily signed this powerful document. We have a dedicated team of mobile notary signing agents that make the process smooth and help you play safe.

The following are some of the documents we services:

Annuity Contract, Settlement and release agreement, Personal representation documentation, Lien release

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